live in the sunshine. swim in the sea. drink the wild air.
— emerson

our story

Sabrina Andrus (she's the A) and Bonnie Headley (she's the H) were raised in Kelseyville, California, a small country town a few hours north of the San Francisco Bay Area. For those counting, the population is 3,181 (with just a few cows and horses). They've been friends since the first grade. Most recently, Sabrina was a nonprofit executive director and recovering lawyer who dreamed of opening a business in her hometown that celebrated artists, creativity, and beauty. In short: she loves getting in the nerdy weeds and has a deep appreciation for pretty things. Bonnie had been living in Sonoma County for years and wanted to replicate some of that wine country magic in Kelseyville but with her unique twist. She brings to A+H her vast experience with interior design, merchandising, and purchasing, as well as her love of and skill for fundraising for her communities. On a road trip to Oregon in 2017, they kicked around the idea of opening a general store that would highlight local farmers, makers, and artisans, and that would provide a gathering space for locals and tourists alike.

And now, here they are! They are honored to be part of Main Street, to spread the good word about their town, and to bring people together over a shared love of local wine, flowers, cheese, and gifts. Come stop by and say hey!

mug close up